Services and Equipment

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Express Toxicology Services offers a full line of testing for CBD and other related products. Our state of the art equipment and highly skilled team ensures that test results are sound, and 100% based on science. We employ a strict laboratory quality control protocol guaranteeing every analysis completed in our research facility offers data you can trust. Most results are available in 5 business days. Day 1 of testing will be the day after samples are received. We offer several collection sites around the state for your convenience.


At Express Toxicology Services, cannabinoids are tested for THC, THCa, CBD, CBDa, CBN/THCV, CBN, and CBGa. Potency testing is essential to determine the effectiveness as well as safety and lawfulness of your products.

Terpene Profile

Terpenes are the aromatic compounds that endow cannabis with its unique scent. Terpene analysis is crucial, as terpenes have a major influence on the medical and psychological effects of a plant. By using Gaschromatography, we profile a comprehensive range of terpenes.


Mycotoxins can pose a serious threat. We utilize state of the art chromatographic methods for analysis, ensuring the accurate detection of these compounds to identify any contaminated products.

Residual Solvents and Processing Chemicals

We identify the presence of harmful solvents, impurities or other components present in concentrated forms of your crops or products.


Only the female cannabis plants produce the potent buds required to make cannabinoids – and male plants can also pollinate female plants, diverting their energy from making cannabinoids into making seeds and significantly reducing medicinal yield. DNA based gender identification of cannabis plants allows for early identification and removal of male plants before visual sex identification is possible. Samples for testing can be collected by our trained laboratory technicians.

Heavy Metals Testing

Heavy metals can accumulate in soils and sometimes make their way into crops and therefore into humans. They can cause respiratory issues and even death. Using an ICP-MS, we can detect trace amounts of these harmful molecules to ensure safety in accordance with legal standards.

Pesticide Screening

Ingesting pesticides can pose short and long-term health risks. Our pesticide testing can detect even the smallest amounts of harmful pesticides in cannabis products using Mass Spectrometry.

Microbial Impurities

This is done to guarantee there are no harmful pathogens contained, which could cause illness or unwanted side effects.

Foreign Material

Samples at Express Toxicology Services undergo microscopic analysis to guarantee there are no foreign substances present in your product, from biological contaminants to fillers in oils and concentrates.

Genetic Identification

Identify your plant variety and receive breeding insights while ultimately protecting your intellectual property.

Our Equipment

All our tests are conducted by certified, skilled personnel with years of experience in chemistry analysis on controlled substances. Moreover, we have a full suite of state of the art equipment:
• High Performance Liquid Chromatography
• Gas Chromatography with Mass Selective Detector and Flame Ionization Detector
• Ion Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
• Microbial Plating
• Energized Dispersive Extraction
• Microwave Digestion
• Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry

Sampling & Testing Information

Please contact us for specific information about sample sizes, sampling procedures and analysis. We aim to make the process clear and transparent, and convenient for our customers. In state pick-up for samples are available.