Guaranteed results in 5 business days*

*Most results are available in 5 business days or less (day 1 will be deemed the day after sample is submitted or picked up). If results are not delivered by day 5, a $50 testing credit will be applied to your next invoice.

A plan for every need

Potency (THC, CBD) – includes Moisture & Foreign Materials Testing per test 60
Terpene Profile per test 60
Mycotoxins per test 80
Plant Sexing (1-100 plants) per plant 25
Plant Sexing (100+ plants) per plant 20
Residual Solvents and Processing Chemicals per test 60
Pesticide Screening per test 175
Microbial Impurities per test 85
Foreign Materials per test 50
Heavy Metal per test 95
Aspergillus Testing per test 85
Genetic Identification per plant 295
Pick up Service Orders < $2000 199
Orders > $2000 99
Full Safety Package per pkg 299
      1-10 tests agreement 299
      11-20 tests agreement 250
      >21 tests agreement 225

Agreement pricing also guarantees priority over non-agreement clients and you receive a 20% discount off all other à la cart testing services. Discount cannot be applied to genetic testing or plant sexing.

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