Oklahoma Compliance Packages

Oklahoma Compliance Packages, also known as OCP’s, are bundles of tests required by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. Currently, regulations state that every 10lb batch of product, in its final, sellable form, must have a compliance panel run.

This can be pricey for processors making edibles. With that being said, we do offer an ‘Injectables  Package’ at a lower rate to help you save money. This package can only be utilized if you have tested the distillate or other concentrate used to infuse your product first.

Growers also have an option to homogenize their harvest batches to reduce testing costs. Using this method, we would limit the homogenization to cultivar strains. There is a downside to homogenization, however. If your homogenized sample fails a mandatory test, you will then have to run tests on each strain to narrow down which one was compromised. After you have, potentially, remedied your failure you would then have to run compliance testing again in order to sell your product.

Express Toxicology Services performs two types of tests: Oklahoma Compliance Packages and quality assurance testing (referred to Research and Development or R&D). Each is performed for different reasons. Let’s look into each types and why they are performed.

The Oklahoma Compliance Package is a panel of test performed on cannabis and cannabis products to assess whether or not the sample meets the testing requirements set by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA). The process starts with ensuring the proper documentation is present when submitting your sample(s) at any of our cannabis testing collection sites.

Express Toxicology New Client and Intake Forms: We will need the New Client Information Form and any relevant Intake Forms. (Flower, Concentrate or Ingestible). 

  • Licensing: OMMA requires Current OMMA, OBNDD and Transport License numbers for any transfer of sample or product. These must be verified prior to transfer of samples.
  • Manifest of Inventory to be Transferred: OMMA requires that you have a Transport Manifest listing all samples being transported or transferred. This will be  from the origination location to the ending location and must include all licensing information and a detailed list of inventory to be transferred.
  • Chain of Custody Form: This will be filled out and signed by the transporter who is delivering the samples. This releases custody of the sample to an Express Toxicology Services employee.
  • Payment: All orders must be paid for a the time of sample collection. We accept Cash, Check or Credit Card. 

Once at the lab, the sample is tested for a panel of test required by the OMMA. The tests required are dependent upon sample type. Once testing is completes, ETS lab personnel will work with the laboratory director to prepare a Certificate of Analysis (CoA). A CoA contains the testing results and information as to whether or not the sample has passed or failed. This certificate is then sent to the client to via email inform them if they can legally sell their product, If any sample preformed under an OCP fail it is required by OMMA that the laboratory conducting the testing reports as such 48 hours.

Research and Development (R&D) gives you the option to ensure your product is safe before publishing an OMMA COA. With passing reports from R&D, an OMMA Report will be generated and you may proceed with selling your product. should the sample fail, an R&D Report will only be sent to the client directly. This test is intended for use by manufacturers and cultivators to know and improve upon the quality of their products.