There’s many different reasons. It comes down to every single point in the environment. Including water, nutrients, humidity, lights, air/co2, growing medium, genetics, phenotype, etc. This question is impossible to answer definitively without being there and observing the growing process.

The instrument does not measure in percentage. To get your percentage, move the decimal 4 places to the left.

About 20% of all cannabis products fail microbials. This is normal in the industry nation-wide. It is extremely difficult to maintain 100% microbial absence. Microbials can come from all kinds of places including the air and clothing. Lightly spraying your clothing with alcohol and changing gloves constantly can help.

Some nutrients and soils can contain pesticides. Pesticide runoff from nearby farms or from the soil on the land or in the water.

The instrumentation alone costs millions of dollars. Add on labor, accreditation, and all other overhead and you have very costly business to run. Compared to states like Colorado and California, our lab is much lower priced.

5 to 7 business days, we do offer an expedited service that can decrease that time to 3-4 business days

Through Confident Cannabis and your email given in the New Client Paperwork

Nope, you can sample your own products. We have an informational/instructional video you can view at the link below to find out more.

10 grams for flower
6 grams for concentrate
4 grams for cartridges
2 edibles in their final packaging weighing at least 14g each

We have a checklist of all paperwork needed that we can provide.

HPLC, GCMS, LCMS/MS (TripleQuad), ICPMS, you can find out more in our educational series on YouTube, here’s the link https://youtu.be/gLBp9irsHS8 

Wendy and Billy Hampton

OMMA, OBNDD, and just about to receive A2LA accreditation.

Not all labs use the same methods, and not all methods are effective.