Who is to Blame?

With the release of our article showing the colossal issue in the Oklahoma Cannabis market, a lot of people are left wondering “who is to blame”? The approach OMMA seems to be taking is to try and make Moon Mix a scapegoat before due process has it’s day. Did Moon Mix put out product rendered […]

Industry Safety Alert

Is a 0-1% Failure Rate Safe? Researched & Written By: Austin Kang Since the citizens of Oklahoma voted to approve the use of marijuana for medical use, product safety has been a primary concern. To ensure patient safety and provide regulation, the Oklahoma legislature put forth regulations which established the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) […]

COMING SOON | Microbial Prevention

Express Toxicology Services is excited to launch a Microbial Prevention Program in the summer of 2020. The program includes: Quarterly visits by trained technicians to your facility to swab for potential sources of microbial contamination. A report after each visit showing potential sources of contamination, the results from testing, and tips to prevent further contamination. [...]

Letter from the CEO | 04.01.20

I think we can all agree that 2020 has not turned out the way we expected, but I am hopeful that whatever the outcome is will help make our community stronger.  I would like to personally tell you what we have been doing as a facility to keep our employees, customers and Oklahoma’s patients safe […]

Letter from the CEO | 11.29.19

Express Toxicology is committed to the health and safety of Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana patients.  We believe in the healing properties of cannabis.  We are committed to guiding all commercial license holders through the regulatory process in the most cost-efficient way without compromising public health. I believe we can all agree that the last 18 months […]

Industry Safety Alert

Is a 0-1% Failure Rate Safe? Researched & Written By: Austin Kang Since the citizens of Oklahoma voted to approve the use of marijuana for medical use, product safety has been a primary concern. To ensure patient safety and provide regulation, the Oklahoma legislature put forth regulations which established the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) […]

Marijuana Market Overview

Spending on legal cannabis worldwide is expected to hit $57 billion by 2027. The recreational market will cover 67% of the spending; medical marijuana will take up the remaining 33%. Tom Adams, editor-in-chief of Arcview Market Research and managing director for BDS Analytics, writes in the introduction: “… the expansion of medical cannabis markets can […]

Q. I normally get my results from your company in 3-4 days, why would I pay for an expedite?

A. We take pride in getting out our results as fast as possible. However, we realize there are certain instances where a company needs analysis faster for a business purpose. We only recommend the expedited service fee for people who have a deadline they are needing results back by a certain time frame for. We take pride in our company by under promising and over delivering. When you hear a promise from our company, you can be assured that our company will do everything possible to live up to our word. If a processor needs potency on concentrates for dosing purposes we would recommend the $99, 24 hour potency.

Q. My potency seems low?

A. There are two factors that determine your potency. 1) your plants genetic potential 2) environmental factors (nutrients, lights, water, etc….). We are one of a number of licensed laboratories in the State of Oklahoma. To obtain a license, a lab has to seek accreditation under ISO 17025 and has to pass third party proficiency testing. We can provide these results from Phenova upon request. You may, also, want to ask the lab you are comparing us against to see their license and their third party testing results.

Q. My terpene results are different from test to test?

A. Terpenes are the hardest things to test for in Cannabis. Terpenes degrade up to 40% just from the time they are cut through the drying process. Most of the factors which lead to accurate terpene analysis have to do with the way the product is handled by the grower prior to submittal to the lab.

Q. What is your pricing?

A. We charge $300 for the Oklahoma Compliance Package unless you drop off 21 samples or more at one time in which case your pricing is $225 per sample.

See our pricing page for more information here.

Q. How did heavy metals get in my flower?

A. Typically the only way contaminants enter a grow are through the water source or the nutrient source. If there are heavy metals in your flower, you should have your water and soil tested to ensure they are not the source of the contamination.


Q. How do I prevent pesticides from showing up in my grow?

A. The State Of Oklahoma only prohibits a list of 14 analytes which show up in pesticides. Oregon’s list has 59 prohibited analytes and Colorado has list of hundreds approved and disapproved for use. Best practice is to research any substance you use and make sure one of the 14 pesticides the State of Oklahoma prohibits is not present.

Q. What is a mycotoxin?

A. The State of Oklahoma does not require testing for Aspergillus which is a fungus. Aspergillus produces mycotoxins which can be deadly in people with compromised immune systems.

mycotoxin: A toxic secondary metabolite produced my organisms in the fungus kingdom and is capable of causing disease and death in both humans and other animals

Q. Why don’t we test harvest batches for mycotoxins?

A. We run our pesticides and mycotoxins on the same instrument at the same time. Every product we run an OCP for we have pesticide and mycotoxin data available for.

Q. Why doesn’t the State require concentrates to be tested for pesticides?

A. The State removed the pesticide testing requirement in the last revision of the rules. Since over 90% of pesticide failures were in concentrates, the labs are lobbying the State to add pesticide testing for concentrates back into the requirements.

Q. I submitted the “same sample” to several labs and they all gave me different results?

A. It is impossible to submit the same sample to each lab. If someone had an instrument to homogenize the sample correctly they could get close. The 2 grinders we use to homogenize samples correctly cost $20,000 apiece. The freezer mill we use to homogenize edibles properly cost over $40,000. If someone was able to send a similar sample to each lab there would still be some variability between each labs methods. This is why it is important to ask to see a lab’s third party proficiency testing because it is the only standardization the industry currently has.

Q. How quickly should I expect my results?

A. Most results are available within five (5) business days. Our company has invested, heavily, in doubling our instrumentation so we always do everything in our lab.

We have expedited services available if you need to have the results guaranteed to be back sooner than five business days. We can guarantee an OCP within 3 business days for an additional $50. We also have a 24 hour potency for a flat rate of $100.

Q. What makes ETS better than other labs?

A. We assign an account manager to every client to ensure they get the best customer services in the industry and walk you through all of your testing needs. We retain several key players on staff that guarantee you are receiving the best testing in the state. This includes a forensic chemist with 16 years of experience with the OSBI as our medical director, the Assistant Surgeon General to the Army Reserve, and an attorney to keep up to date with all latest regulation changes. ETS is Oklahoma and Veteran owned and is dedicated to the patients of this state.